My Second Genius Hour Presentation

The last months I worked on my second Genius Hour Presentation and this time I chose I very interesting topic; Pancake Art.  I was looking around on YouTube and then came across food art and as I dug deeper I found Pancake Art.

I chose this topic because I think that making your food look nice adds even more joy to eating.I learned a lot doing this projects. First of all I learned that Pancake art even exists and how to make Pancake Art. I also figured out the best strategy to make Pancake art, which is using thick dough and it’s better to have a cooler pan then one that burns your pancakes immediately.

This project helped me see that you have to prepare before you start something and that looking at different sources can help you find your own way.Last Genius Hour I chose a topic that I was interested in but not very excited about. All I had to look at was Data and Statistics. After that Genius Hour I rethought what Genius Hour was all about, which is choosing a project that you like to work on.

So this Genius Hour I took a topic where I could Bake and watch Tutorials. I wanted to learn not just information but a task. Also last Genius Hour I made a video to show what I learned and this Genius Hour I made a Google Slides. I am not sure which I like better but there were less technology difficulties with the google slides.Even Though Pancake art does not directly help or save anybody it lightens up your day. Also what I talked about in my presentation a person who sells his pancake art and donates all the money he earns to Water Projects.

Even though, I have not yet decided what my next Genius Hour project will be, I want to will think of something that is useful to know, or helpful to the community. I would like to help people or animals who are in bad situation and do not have the influence/ opportunities to stand up for themselves and build a live.  

I really enjoyed this Genius Hour Project because it gave me the opportunity to work on something I am interested in without just making research but actually trying to use what I learned in real life.




Media. Media is the colorful, loud exciting world that exists behind screens, on posters or in the radio. In today’s society Media is all around us and it effects everything inside us. The opinion of famous stars, the recommendations of professors and the convincing words of businesses trying to sell their product all affect our opinion.

I think that culture is impacted by media because mostly commercials do not include people from different cultures but from the one culture that produces this commercial. Media does often not support diversity and is very narrow minded on speaking to one audience. If you are not included in this audience then you might think that this makes you an outsider. If a advertisement is advertising shampoo for long hair might this make you want to grow your hair? Maybe not, but in the back of your mind it might give you the feeling that long hair is prettier. I think that if a video only includes people from one country this might create or support a stereotype.

For me one of the biggest impact Media has is on gender. With media comes the idea of convincing the audience to accept or even support the creators idea. Media often uses Women who have the “perfect” maybe even almost impossible body.  Seeing these images as a girl makes you wonder if that’s what you have to look like. It makes you feel as if that’s the only way you will be good enough. I think that Media has a big impact on self esteem and on body image. Famous actors, singers etc. are the role models of young people, and everything they wear is the new mode and everything they do is awesome. Maybe I am exaggerating but these people do have a big impact on us.

Media creates a big gab between men and women because different media has different gender audience and also different way’s of displaying the genders. In the last 20 or so years equality has been a major role in conversation and discussion and media shows different perspectives of this conversation. In class we watched a video of a Muslim girl getting convinced to take of her headscarf in class so she would be like everybody else. Other media is full of different religions and different races.

For me media represents the opinion of Media is a statement someone wants to make and even though it tries to be “forced” on you, I feel like it’s a question. Media does not have to be the true answer and you don’t have to agree with it. Media helps me create my own picture of the world because it show’s me different perspectives. Everything around us especially when you are young affects your opinion and the way you act. Media is a big part of this. Being able to see the true meaning of media is what you need to not be brainwashed by the opinion of the majority.

Major Blog Post – My Superpower

If somehow magically a Fairy just appeared in front of me  and asked me I could chose a superpower, a supernatural-ability, I wouldn’t think twice. Screenshot 2016-01-11 at 13.42.20

My family and I have often been to the ocean in France, Germany, Italy once in Greece and now we even moved to Dakar which is a city next to the ocean. When we were younger my sister and I played and talked a lot and once we were sitting at the beach in France wishing we could stop the waves and be able to go through the tunnels they make. We got the idea that if we were able to stop time the water could stop too. Then we started dreaming of all the things we could do when we were able to control time just make everything stop around us and change our surrounding.

Here are somethings we wanted to do if we could control time: Screenshot 2016-01-11 at 13.49.50

  • Walk trough a wave tunnel
  • stop time before school so we have more time to sleep
  • save somebody from a bullet or something life threatening
  • we would be able to stop war by taking all their weapons




By being able to control the time we would have so many options.

So if the Fairy asked me what superpower I’d like to have I would want to control time.

Click Here to see more about Time control.



Minic, Cristobal A. Ola/ Wave / Vague. 2009. Photograph.

Thual, Cedric. Clock #01. 2006. Photograph.


Twitter Expert

Twitter Expert

In my Digital Citizenship Class I am making a presentation about how to make Pancake art. We were supposed to ask questions about our topic to experts on twitter. First I created a list on twitter of people who might know something about pancake art. In my list I included a few bakers so they could give me hints on how to make the pancake dough like @BrianEmmetBake @JohnWhaitesBakes @SprinkleBakes @TheBoyWhoBakes @TheNoviceChef. I also followed some artists which I thought might help me with what image or cartoon character I could make when I make the pancake art. Here are some of the artists I followed @NicoleJGeorges  @loveandoilveoil @_kariewilliams @andreapippins and @alexred. All these people have something to do with baking or art or both, which relates to my project because I will be making art with pancakes.

Then I tweeted to all of them separately asking for advice. I asked the bakers for advice on how to make the dough so it will be easy to create shapes or for advice on how to pour the dough into the pan. Then I asked the artists what simple cartoons or shapes I could use, that would be visually appealing but also easy to make with pancake dough.

After waiting for a few weeks all I got for a response were that one of them liked the question I asked but didn’t respond and another person answered with a link to my question of how to pour the dough into the pan. The link showed squeeze bottles. If more people had responded it would have helped me because in my presentation I will show how I made pancake art and I could have used the suggestions from the answers in the progress of making the pancakes. But because I only got answer I didn’t really help a lot because I already knew what the baker was telling me and when I asked that question I was hoping to get extra information. I did not continue having a conversation with any of them and nobody followed me back.

I think even though my results of this project didn’t help me with my presentation it could definitely be helpful in the future, for example if you need to contact a college professor somewhere else in the world to get feedback on what classes to chose or on whats the best way to solve a proble

Genius Hour Reflection

In my Digital Citizenship class we could  choose any topic of our interest and present it in any way you want. Now that we are done with that we have to write a Reflection on our Genius Hour project.


The research topic I chose for my Genius Hour project was “what is an El Nino?”.  At the beginning I was interested in El Nino’s because it’s a natural disaster affecting us right now. But after I started researching I still liked the topic but wasn’t as interested in it because it was really hard to find information. I learned a lot about El Nino’s and how they affect us. I learned that El Nino’s are caused by hot and cold water flowing in different directions then usually because of the wind. If I were to grade my Project I would give my self a B- or about 80%. I gave more effort into finding information and should have made the video longer. My project didn’t help anybody specifically but it did inform people about what is happening around them. For my next Genius Hour project I would research a bit before choosing the topic to see if there’s enough information of it on the internet. I am not sure what topic I will chose for my next Genius hour but here are some broad ideas I was thinking about: Emojis: Who created them? When were they created,? How to draw Manga or comic figures?  and the last idea I have is to make a presentation about how even the smallest animals effect our Eco-system and are necessary for the life as we know it.

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A post in German about Germany

Ich bin deutsche, aber ich habe nur 2 Jahre in Deutschland gelebt. Meine Eltern sind beide deutsch und wir gehn jede Sommerferien nach Deutschland um unsere Freunde und Verwanten zu besuchen.

“File:Flag Map of Germany.svg.” – Wikimedia Commons. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Oct. 2015.

Deutschland ist ein grosses Land, mit einer langen Geschichte und Kultur. Viele Weltweit bekannte Märchen wie Schneewittchen, oder Ariel kommen ursprünglich aus Deutschland.

Deutschland hat viel traditonelles Essen wie Brezeln oder Sauerkraut. Deutschland ist ein sehr modernes Land das sich and die Technology der Welt an passt.

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How to be successful in School

schoolAlways be prepared for school. Do your homework the day it is assigned so you will have it the day it is due. If you have everything you need for class prepared the night before, you don’t need to stress about it. Also sitting in class without you books or something to write with camaeppchenn get cause you to not be able to follow the teacher.

Your Pencil case should have:

  • Pencil/pen
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Highlighter
  • Ruler

 Always take notes. Taking notes might not seem very important but it can help you to study or review. If you have a bad day or are tired in class, you can take notes and read them afterwards to really understand what the teacher was teaching. Study for tests. Test’s are a big part of your grade and also a way to show the teacher at which level you are. When the teacher tells you the date of the test you should start studying as soon as possible. You don’t have to study 5 hours each day, just try to look at the information everyday for 5 to 10 min.

Take a break. While doing homework or studying, never forget to take a short break; eat something, go for a walk or stretch. If you feel stressed or it’s getting late don’t work to much because you need your sleep. If it is to much work talk to your teacher or find a way to do it some other time. School is a big part of our life but to be successful you have to be able to take a break and think about something else.

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